Wacca Wache Says Farewell to a Legend

On Wednesday, April 7th, 2021, Wacca Wache waved goodbye to a sailboat that served as a symbol for the marina.

The sailboat Steel Away was constructed by Murrells Inlet local John Fazzio. A twelve-year long labor of love, Fazzio built the entirety of the ship to completion in 2002.

That schooner with three masts measures up to one hundred three feet long. Fazzio built the ship with the idea to sail around the world after retiring.

Unfortunately, Fazzio got sick on his maiden voyage and was forced to return to Wacca Wache Marina. The ship became a local landmark for travelers navigating Highway 707 for over twenty years.

“When you pass the big boat sitting out there by the side of the road, you’re closed to where you’re going.” Steel Away, now known as Emma Todd, is in the care of Steve Pagels and on its way to Maine.

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