Wacca Wache Marina is your premier destination for boat storage in Murrells Inlet. Located in the heart of South Carolina’s Lowcountry, our marina has a wide range of boat storage options. From the convenience of wet slips to the security and protection of dry stack boat storage, we have a solution for you.
Our facilities can accommodate a wide range of boats. In addition to boat storage, we provide boat fuel services, a central vac pump-out system, shore power, and boat trailer storage.
Contact Wacca Wache Marina for more information or complete the boat storage forms to get started.

Wet Slip Boat Storage & Docks

Wacca Wache Marina provides wet slips that can accommodate a wide variety of boats. Our prime location in Murrells Inlet ensures a hassle-free experience. The marina gives you direct access to fishing trips, water cruises, or a day of family fun. Contact our marina for more information about reserving a wet slip within our boat docks. 

  • Approximately 100 wet slips, with accommodation up to 70 ft long and 8 ft draft boats.
  • 12 transient boat docks with up to 150 feet approach depth are available.
  • Restrictions include 15 ft approach depth, and 8 to 12 ft dockside depth, depending on the tide.


Dry Stack Boat Storage in Murrells Inlet

Wacca Wache Marina provides dry stack boat storage in Murrells Inlet. Our secure facility protects boats from the elements and possible damage. It is a great way to store your boat when not in use or during the winter or off-season. In addition to indoor boat storage, we offer outdoor boat storage options as well. When you are ready for a day out, our marina staff will retrieve your boat and get it in the water.

  • Approximately 125 indoor boat storage racks.
  • Outdoor dry rack boat storage options are also available.

Boat Trailer Storage

Need a place to store your boat trailer? We offer boat trailer storage options. Wacca Wache Marina offers a convenient place for boat trailers. Whether you’re on the water or in dry stack storage, we have a place to keep your trailer.

Please note: space is limited for boat and trailer storage, contact the marina office directly to reserve a spot.

  • Indoor and outdoor trailer storage options are available for your boat trailer year round.
  • Outdoor storage options are available for your trailer and boats on a trailer.

Additional Marina Services

  • Our Central Vac Pump Out System is available for boaters, inquire at the desk for more information and fee schedule.
  • Shore power available: 120V-30 Amp, 240V-50 Amp, 240V- 100 Amp
  • Need to re-fuel your boat? We offer 93 Octane Diesel and 93 Octane Marine Gasoline boat fuel.
  • We offer boat mechanical services and we are an authorized sales and service center for Suzuki!


Rules & Regulations

  1. Use of dock space shall be at Lessee’s sole risk. WACCA WACHE MARINA shall not be liable for the care or protection of the Lessee’s boat or for any loss or damage of whatever kind or nature to the Lessee’s boat (including its gear, equipment, and contents) and including designated persons, Lessee, or guests while on the property or at the Marina. Lessee agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Wacca Wache Marina and their subtenants, representatives, agents and/or employees from any claim or demand arising from or out of the occupancy of a boat slip at Wacca Wache Marina in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina.
  2. The Marina may refuse to rent dock spaces to any person for any reason.
  3. All dock space shall be payable in advance.
  4. Lessee agrees to comply with the Rules and Regulations of Wacca Wache Marina attached hereto. Wacca Wache Marina reserves the right to terminate this Agreement immediately should lessees or his guest breach the Agreement of said Rules and Regulations.
  5. Boaters agree to have their boats insured. Each boater will be held responsible for damages he may cause to other boats in the Marina or to the structures or facilities at the Marina. A current certificate of Insurance and current registration must be submitted with this slip agreement as well as kept updated with the Marina office as expiration dates should occur.
  6. Wacca Wache Marina shall have alien against the above-described boat (including its gear and equipment) for any unpaid sums due for the use of the dock facilities, service invoices, power, and water and for damage caused or contributed to by the above-described boat or by the Lessee to any docks or property of Wacca Wache Marina.
  7. Lessee agrees to pay all attorneys’ fees and other legal and collection expenses incurred by Wacca Wache Marina in enforcing any of the obligations under this contract.
  8. Water Safety-Rules of the road apply. Boats shall be equipped & operated as required by applicable laws. No wake is allowed in the area. No fueling of any kind is allowed at Wacca Wache Marina docks.
  9. Boat owners shall not place or install anything, including but not limited to, dock boxes, planters, supplies, materials, accessories, or debris on walkway, pilings, or docks without prior approval of management.
  10. Any boat renting a slip and docked at Wacca Wache Marina is to be used solely for recreational use ONLY and shall NOT be used for any commercial or business undertaking. Any commercial fishing boats, charter boat or rental boat businesses and live aboards are not permitted without the consent of the Marina’s Owner and/or General Manager and a signed Commercial Operating Agreement.
  11. Always park so others can get out. If your car is parked improperly, it will be towed at your expense.
  12. Pets are to be leashed at all times while at the Marina and must not run loose on the grounds or other people’s boats. Owners must clean up any mess the pet makes. We reserve the right to order a pet owner to remove the pet from the property at any time and for any reason, as well as banning all pets from the Marina.
  13. On boats, heads may not be used in the Marina unless equipped with an approved sanitary treatment system. Heads are provided on land. If you use the heads on land, please be considerate and leave them clean for the next person.
  14. Boaters and Boaters’ guests agree to always conduct themselves while on the property of the Marina, or on any boat docked at the Marina, so as not to create a nuisance, hazard, or annoyance to the Marina or to the other Boaters. Noise shall be always kept to a minimum. Boaters shall use discretion in operating engines, generators, radios, televisions, etc., so as not to create a disturbance. Children should be accompanied by adults at all times and are not allowed to run on the dock. It is recommended that non-swimmers wear lifejackets when on or near water.
  15. The Marina will launch and store any boat in dry storage once daily at no charge; however, for each landing in excess of one a day, or not showing up for a launch, there will be a charge of $50.00. Boats to be stored must be returned by the time posted at the dry storage office at the Marina or the boat will be considered to have been returned after hours and the Marina will not be liable for any loss or damage of whatever kind or matter to the boat, its contents, gear, or equipment. The boat will be stored during normal working hours on the first working day following an after-hours return.
  16. No charcoal barbecues or other open fuel appliances are to be lighted on docks or on docked boats. No coal or wood stoves shall be used at this Marina or on board any boat docked at this Marina at any time.
  17. Any boat stored in dry storage facility will be required to have a minimum of two fenders and two dock lines. The Marina may replace, at the owner’s expense, any fenders or dock lines considered by the Marina to be inadequate.
  18. This contract is for the Vessel LISTED ON THE FRONT ONLY. No assignments or subleases are allowed and No transfer of boats between slips will be allowed without prior consent from the Marina’s Owners and/or General Manager. Any layovers beyond contracted time will be charged prevailing rate per ft. per day. Slip payments are due whether vessel occupies the slip or not.
  19. In the event of a severe storm or hurricane, the owner of the boat or his agent shall be solely responsible to take all emergency measures for said protection and/or damages to the owner’s boat.
  20. Outside contractors must sign in, provide current insurance, and follow all Marina rules and regulations. Outside contractors may also be subject to a 10% commission payable to Wacca Wache Marina.
  21. Please see management for any hazardous waste removal such as used oil or antifreeze etc.
  22. Wacca Wache Marina reserves the right to haul any vessel which constitutes a hazard in any way including safety, environmental or otherwise subject to emergency haul out of fees which are 1.5% x’s the norm.
  23. Wacca Wache Marina reserves the right to use any open slip or any purpose without stated permission of the lessee. If a customer expects to have his/her vessel out of the slip overnight, the yard MUST be notified. Wacca Wache Marina reserves the right to lease the slip during any such period. Failure to notify marina may result in Lessee’s slip being occupied upon their return.
  24. Any trailer stored on property will incur a per season charge. A contract must be on file in the office and trailers must be labeled or tagged with the owner’s name.
  25. Swimming is not allowed in the basin due to potential stray electrical current from boats and potentially hazardous marine life, i.e., snakes, turtles, and alligators.
  26. Pump outs $20 each after 2 per month.