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Same Wacca Wache Marina, New Ownership

As of June 2nd, 2021, Wacca Wache Marina is officially in the hands of Keel Marinas hailing from Atlanta, Georgia.

Keel Marinas would like to thank Doctor Ariana and Doctor Craig Lieberman for maintaining the highest level of professionalism during this exchange.

Keel intends to stay connected with all “tenants, vendors, clients, and patrons” during their ownership and to “always be responsive to the issues that affect the health and vibrancy of the property.”

Keel recognizes that while they may be the owners of the property, “In the end, this property belongs to all of us in one way or another.”

Keel Marinas applauds the accomplishments of the Lieberman’s and looks forward to maintaining the legacy of the special marina by bringing “its ideas, procedures, and capital to the property in ways to continue to keep it recognized as one of the premier marina assets in the coastal South Carolina market.”

Keel would like to notify marina patrons that Jason Welch will hang onto his position as property General Manager and Matthew Schwartz will still be Assistant General Manager. In fact, the majority of the marina staff from the Liberman’s ownership have decided to stick with the property.

Keel would also like to clarify that they are always available to contact with any questions, concerns, or comments about “the marina or its operations, by any tenant or service provider should that be necessary.”




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